Innoson Motors unveils new ride-hailing service called “IVM CRUISE”


    Nigeria’s foremost indigenous carmaker, Innoson Motors, is ready to launch a new ride-hailing service called IVM Cruise in Enugu.

    Friday 13th of November, 2020 is a day for residents of Enugu to remember as Innoson Motors becomes the first indigenous car manufacturer in Nigeria to launch a ride-hailing service in the Coal City. This new taxi service is called “IVM CRUISE” and Innoson Motors has also confirmed that it will soon be extended to other major cities in Nigeria.

    Cornel Osigwe, the Head of Corporate Comm & Affairs at Innoson Motors, broke this wonderful news about the launching of the IVM CRUISE in his recent public statement. According to the company’s report, this new ride-hailing service will begin operations in Enugu city and subsequently extend to other Nigerian cities with time. One interesting part of the company’s press release states that the IVM CRUISE is a totally unique service which gives its taxi drivers an opportunity of owning a new Innoson car. This part also reveals that drivers on the IVM CRUISE platform will be aptly called “pilots”, and they would be given 3 years to easily pay for any Innoson car model they choose.

    After going through Innoson Motors’ press statement on its new ride-hailing service, we have highlighted below some of the key details to note:

    • It is a unique ride-hailing service that is technology-driven;
    • It is a platform that offers commuters the options of requesting a personal ride to pick them from any location to any destination within coverage areas;
    • It operates on a well-designed incremental digital structure and will always be customized to flow with the modern trends in the global transport industry;
    • It features both offline payment facilities and a digital wallet system for online payment.

    To learn more about this new ride-hailing service, watch this earlier press video that discusses the platform in more details.