Our Mission

Our single ultimate goal is to help and empower 100,000,000 people in the next 5 years to make residual income up to $1,500 Monthly through Affiliate program, Cryptocurrency hodling and trading. It’s an important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the world.

Earning on BEENG

Have you ever wondered how Bloggers make Thousands and Millions of Dollars every month? It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts!

BEENG E-Commerce

BEENG will be the Native token on BEENG E-commerce that people can use to buy everyday items. They can also earn BEENG by learning, reading news and commenting, sharing of sponsor post, viewing of ads, selling digital skills and referring the 350m unbanked smartphone owners.

BEENG Payment Messaging App

The BEENG Cryptocurrency Payments enabled Messaging platform will allow users to message and pay each other wherever they are located. The user signs up on the platform using their phone number, they can choose a profile picture, else they can proceed.

BEENG Global Money Transfer App

Cross Border / Cross Country Money Transfer has always been an un-solved issue. Even now it involves extensive documentation, costly transfer fees, Time consuming process etc. With the BEENG Money Transfer App, Users will be able to use the App which solves all the above issues, and provides a low cost, quick and hassle free money transfer.


Bold Exponential Entrepreneur will issue BEENG on the Ethereum smart contract which complies with ERC20 standards. ERC20 based tokens enable Ethereum wallets, exchanges and other smart contracts to interact with a variety of tokens in a common way. Ethereum is a public, open-source, distributed platform based on blockchain technology that features smart contract(scripting)

Our Articles

We publish news and articles in a variety of categories ranging from education to business to politics to sports, you name it. We publish them all. Just login, read, comment and earn.